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This is Mayor Oswald's appearance.

Mayor Oswald is an NPC in Mapleburg. He is the mayor of Mapleburg. He has 2 quests for you, and a house.

His House

In the first room of his house (which is where he stands), there is a couch and a couple chairs. There are a couple tables with a plant on each of them. There is also a bookshelf behind where the mayor is standing. In the second room of his house (assuming it's a bedroom), it has a small table and a bed. Also, a chest lies in here that you can jump on for one of these items: a Chicken Wing, a Juice, or a bottle of Hot Sauce.


Mayor Oswald has 2 quests for you:

Prove Yourself:

In this quest, you must fight 5 Bandits. You can find Bandits in Mapleburg Way and Mellow Meadows.

Talk to Doctor Thomas:

In this quest, you go to Mellow Meadows and find Doctor Thomas' house so you can get a quest from him.


  • Mayor Oswald is the first NPC you meet that has a quest for you.