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Mellow Meadows is a green plains area with flower patches and trees scattered about. A path directly cuts through the meadows that starts from Mapleburg Way and leads into Frogville.

Notable Places

Challenge Room

The Challenge Room contains studded blocks of terrain and climbing poles, forming an obstacle course leading to two chests at the end. The two chests at the end will always contain one Hoagie each.

This is an easy way to get free Hoagies without waiting on the limited sale.


  • To the left of the Mapleburg Way Door, there is a Fire Magic Circle Easter egg, referencing Arcane Adventures, one of Vetex's previous game. 
  • The laboratory of Doctor Thomas is located here, the second major NPC with quests. 
  • When entering from Mapleburg Way, behind the rock formation in front of you sits 35 coins. 

The arcane adventures reference