Mellow Ranch is a farm area with vegetation, flowers and a big body of water nearby. There are also 2 NPCs, one of which starts the Flower Hunt Side Mission.

This area is found next to Mellow Meadows but only becomes accessible after beating Bedrock and finishing the Regroup with Abby Mission.

Notable NPCs/Objects

Chloe is a side NPC that talks about how boring it is to farm and how she (?) wants to be an adventurer and "beat up bad guys", which is an understatement, considering you use attacks on Bandits and other like Fiery Explosion and other ones that can kill people.

Ratzo Rocks' entrance is located here, but travel there is prevented by an Under Construction sign. Ratzo is a port town where you will find the Sandlord, who is possibly the dark person that is causing havoc across the lands (i.e corrupting the Druids)

Farmer Carson (Mission Starter)

  • Flower Hunt: Defeat 30 Daiseyes or Lileyes in Mellow Ranch.
  • Return to Farmer Carson: Return to Farmer Carson in Mellow Ranch to collect your reward, the Regain Power!
  • Upon completion,XPPower45 XP; Cent35 Cents in total and Regain Power.
  • Another Regain Power can be bought from Farmer Carson for Cent40 after completion of the Side Mission. Though you can buy another one, owning multiple does NOT change anything.


  • Two chests are found near the perimeter of the large pond.
  • Another two chests are found inside the barn.
  • Another one can be found on second floor inside the barn.


  • A stack of CentCents is found near the perimeter of the large pond.
  • A line of Cent5 Cents is found in front of the barn.


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