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(Editing a gallery)
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Carson.png|'''Farmer Carson'''
Carson.png|'''Farmer Carson'''
SCOOBIS.jpg|'''Scoobis''' (easter egg)

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Mellow Ranch is a farm area with vegetation, flowers and a big body of water nearby. There are also 2 NPCs, one of which starts the Flower Hunt Side Mission.

You can find this area near Mellow Meadows.

Notable NPCs/Objects

Farmer Carson (Mission Starter)

  • Flower Hunt: Defeat 30 Daiseyes or Lileyes in Mellow Ranch.
  • Return to Farmer Carson: Return to Farmer Carson in Mellow Ranch to collect your reward, the Regain Power!
  • Upon completion,XPPower.png45 XP; Cent.png35 Cents in total and Regain Power.
  • Another Regain Power can be bought from Farmer Carson for Cent.png40 after completion of the Side Mission.


  • Two chests are found near the perimeter of the large pond.
  • Another two chests are found inside the barn.


  • A stack of Cent.pngCents are found near the perimeter of the large pond.
  • A line of Cent.png5 Cents are found in front of the barn.


  • This is the first area to always guarantee enemies will get Corruption.pngCorruption, due to the level of the player by the time they arrive.