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Fresh, organic milk that restores 1 SP for 5 turns when consumed in battle. Drinking this will also heal all broken bones!


Milk is an item that restores SP.png1 SP for 5 turns to a player. It can be bought from the Frogville shop and can be dropped from chests.

The Bandit King spawns with some Milk in his inventory, though Milk can also be found wielded by Corrupt 2+ humanoids/giants. (Bandits, Burglars, Druids, and Dwellers are humanoids, whilst The Bandit King is a giant, though he'd get extra milk in this scenario as a result of Corruption.)


Milk can be bought from the Frogville Item Shop. They can also sometimes be found in the chests of Hidden Woods, Frogville Road, Druid Grove, and Mellow Ranch.

Sometimes, Milk sold in shops can have a 50% off discount.


  • Milk was given an additional effect of curing BrokenBones.pngBroken Bones in v1.1.0.
    • It makes sense since dairy milk is considered high in calcium, a micro-nutrient that strengthens bones.
    • Burglars used to have milk when Corruption 1 or lower, but got nerfed in a newer version.
    • This makes Milk currently the only item to cure BrokenBones.pngBroken Bones without recovering HP.pngHP.
    • In the Old version, Milk can be used out of a battle and used to instantly give 5 SP.
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