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Overgrown Grotto is a special location added in the Beta 1.4.0 update where up to 4 players can explore a randomly generated dungeon. There are 4 modes: normal, ranked, timed and endless, however, you need to be level 15+ in order to enter Overgrown Grotto. At the front of the entrance, you will meet Rover and Anthea, who give you a sidequest to go inside for the first time. Two mobs, the Dweller and Fungeye, are found exclusively within the grotto and appear whenever the team rating is at least 600 or higher.



Between 1-4 players enter a randomly generated dungeon based on their rating. You must reach the end where you receive more rating, Green Dungeon Tickets and a random Lost Gear. Each time you beat the dungeon, the amount of tickets you get is based on your rating.


Between 1-4 players enter a randomly generated ranked dungeon based off their rating. When you reach the end, you collect more rating to get as high on the leaderboard as possible. This is an alternative to Normal Mode.


Between 1-4 players enter a randomly generated dungeon where you must defeat all the enemies before time runs out. Timed is currently bugged, essentially making this mode impossible due to the time limit being too short to defeat all the enemies.

However, when the defeat screen shows up, you are still alive and can still move, start battles, and press buttons behind the defeat background. Completing the dungeon like this will function normally and the players can receive rewards as well as rating.


Between 1-4 players enter a randomly generated never ending dungeon where you must kill as many enemies as possible before everyone dies. Every 15 rooms you hit a checkpoint where you get rewards for completing those 15 rooms and have the option of continuing or leaving the dungeon. You gain 1 rating for every room you complete. Endless is currently unstable, as reaching a checkpoint could cause the progression to break, and you will be stuck. (This usually happens when your backpack is full of gears.)


Your rating determines how difficult the dungeon is. Inside a solo dungeon, you earn much more rating than inside of a 2-4 person dungeon. There are many different tiers of Dungeons, ranging from 1 up to 16. When you die or leave a dungeon before you win, you lose rating.

  • Tier 1-2 = 0-899
  • Tier 3-5 = 900-1799
  • Tier 6-8 = 1800-2699
  • Tier 9+ = 2700 or higher


When you enter a randomly generated dungeon, there is a chance that the teleport breaks or rating doesn't load, causing rating to be lost.

List of common glitches.

  • Controllable
    • Auras & Lanterns.
    • Titles
    • Full gear storage
      • Doesn't exactly break, since the player can go through the dungeon normally. However, once the end is reached, the victory pop-up will not appear and the player will have to leave the dungeon themselves. Though the rewards are still given and no rating is lost afterwards.
  • Uncontrollable
    • Generation causing areas to be blocked off.


  • This is a good area to farm gear with the addition of Gear Soda + Challenge Power Would increase Gear Drop Rate to 35% and Card Drop Rate to 20%. Since Tier 3+ has Corruption.pngCorrupted Enemies.
    • It's not worth farming Tier 3-4 due to the lack of Corruption.pngCorruption 1 Enemies, Unless you want a challenge for Faint Corruption Auras. The best place to farm Corrupted Gear would be Tier 5+ since Corruption.pngCorruption 2+ enemies normally spawn there making It easier to farm Corruption.pngCorrupted Enemies, but It'll be harder to defeat them due to how much POW.pngPower and DEF.pngDefense they have.
  • All Dungeons have a total of 15 rooms, with rooms 4 and 12 being obstacle courses. However, this doesn't always mean there are 13 fights, as some rooms can have 2 fights instead of 1.
    • As a result, Endless works by simply generating a new Dungeon that is one tier higher directly after you clear the previous one.