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Overgrown Grotto is a special location added in the Beta 1.4.0 update where up to 4 players can explore a randomly generated dungeon. There are 4 modes, normal, ranked, timed and endless. You need to be level 15+ in order to enter Overgrown Grotto. Upon entering, you meet Rover and Anthea, who give you a sidequest to go inside for the first time.



Between 1-4 players enter a randomly generated dungeon based on their rating. You must reach the end where you receive more rating, Green Dungeon Tickets and a random Lost Gear.


Between 1-4 players enter a randomly generated ranked dungeon based off their rating. When you reach the end, you collect more rating to get as high on the leaderboard as possible.


Between 1-4 players enter a randomly generated dungeon where you must defeat all the enemies before time runs out. Timed is currently bugged.


Between 1-4 players enter a randomly generated never ending dungeon where you must kill as many enemies as possible before everyone dies. Every 15 rooms you hit a checkpoint where you get rewards for completing those 15 rooms. You gain 1 rating for every room you complete. Endless is currently unstable, reaching a checkpoint could cause the progression to break, and you will be stuck.


Your rating determines how difficult the dungeon is. Inside a solo dungeon, you earn much more rating than inside of a 2-4 person dungeon. There are many different tiers of Dungeons, ranging from 1 up to 16. When you die or leave a dungeon before you win, you lose rating.

  • Tier 1-2 = 0-599
  • Tier 3-5 = 650-1300
  • Tier 6-8 = ?-?
  • Tier 9+ = ?-?
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