Poison Status


Poison.pngPoison is a status effect inflicted by poison-based skills.

It deals POW.pngDamage at the end of the player or enemy's turn, regardless of DEF.pngDefense. The status lasts for a certain amount of turns until it dissipates by itself. The amount of POW.pngDamage each turn is equal to the Poison.pngPoison severity.

The player or enemy will be inflicted with the Poison.pngPoison status regardless if they take POW.pngDamage from the skill inflicting it.



Inflicted Status Duration Chance


PoisonSpray.png Poison Spray Poison.pngPoison-1 3 Turns 1/1


DaiseyeCard.png Daiseye
(Poison Spray)
Poison.pngPoison-1 3 Turns 1/1

Immune Enemies

Enemies Immune to Poison.pngPoison

GolemCard.png Golem BedrockCard.png Bedrock
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