Spray toxic gas at all enemies, dealing some damage and poisoning them for 3 turns. This attack is normally used by Daiseyes.


Poison Spray is a skill obtained by collecting upgraded Cards Daiseye Cards. Tough Poison Spray is received from obtaining an CardsElite Daiseye Card. Stunning Poison Spray is received from obtaining a CardsSuper Daiseye Card
Just like all CardsCard skills, there are no alternative colors.

The timing for the Action Command is about one second after the purple gas has started spewing out.
Succeeding the Action Command performs an 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount of POWDamage dealt.


Poison Spray deals a small amount of POWDamage to all enemies in addition to inflicting PoisonPoison 1 for three turns.

Tough Poison Spray is comparable to Fire Claw, both dealing the same POWDamage, with the difference being their status inflictions and Fire Claw's DEFDefense piercing.

Stunning Poison Spray deals more POWDamage over its predecessor for the cost of SP2 SP. It can be considered a middle of the line between Fire Claw and Fiery Explosion in terms of POWDamage.

The unique PoisonPoison status it comes along with is much like the BurnBurn status, however, both of them can be applied to the same enemy, which makes it much more useful to pair with Fiery Explosion than Fire Claw inflicting a weaker BurnBurn status than Fiery Explosion's, which results in no effect.

Against any CorruptionCorruption enemies, a Poison Spray can aid in clearing out the standard enemies, but will hardly dent CorruptionCorrupted enemy itself. However, it can be used to slowly deal chip damage to enemies with high defense.

Overall, Poison Spray can be used as a clean-up tool for low HPHP enemies and also does not conflict with status effects with Fiery Explosion.


  • PoisonPoison will always be inflicted regardless of it inflicting POWDamage or not.
  • Golems and Bedrock enemies are immune to the PoisonPoison status.


  • Poison Spray is the only skill that always inflicts its status, even if the attack dealt no damage.
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