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Pondre is one of the four frog-person guards around Frogville. The others being Toadella and Hooper (outside the entrance) and Frogson. Pondre and Frogson are at the back of Frogville, guarding Frogville Road. Only Frogson stops you when you try to enter the Road.

Pondre, on the other hand, acts as a side mission giver, and a power salesman if the player has completed his mission. His mission requires you to take out a few Burglars in the Hidden Woods. You'll receive a few cents and XP as a reward as well as the XP Power. Afterwards, Pondre is virtually useless unless you start a new game or sell your XP Power by mistake and want another one. Speak to him again after completing his mission, and he'll sell you another XP Power for 30 cents after acknowledging that you helped him previously.

Italics = Colored text in dialog

Main Dialog

Initial Prompt: "Hey bro, could you do us a favor?"

  • Choice 1: "What?"
    • "We've seen some Burglars sneaking into the Hidden Woods lately, but we can't investigate since we're on guard duty. You look like a fighter, bro. Wanna help us out?"
      • Choice 1: "Sure."
        • "Cool! If you go into the Hidden Woods and beat up a couple of Burglars, that should stop them from sneaking in through here. If you do it, I'll give you an XP Power. It's sick, bro. It boosts the amount of XP you get from doing stuff! You up for this?"
          • Choice 1: "(End Dialog) Yeah."
            • "Alright, epic. Come back here when you're done!"
              • "..."
          • Choice 2: "(End Dialog) No."
            • "No problem, bro. Come back if you change your mind. "
              • Choice 1: "..."
      • Choice 2: "(End Dialog)" Sorry."
        • "No problem, bro. See ya around."
          • Choice 1: "..."
  • Choice 2: "(End Dialog) Sorry."
    • "No problem, bro. See ya around."
      • Choice 1: "..."

Alternate Dialog

  • When you interact with Pondre on his mission, he will say: "What's up, bro? it doesn't seem like you defeated enough Burglars... no problem, take your time, bro."
    • That is his only dialog, so you can end it with the only choice, "..."
  • When you interact with Pondre after completing his mission, his dialog is:"It's you again! Thanks for your help before, bro. Did you need something?"
  • Choice 1: "XP Power?"
    • "You want another XP Power? No problem, but it's gonna run you 30 cents. Do we have a deal, bro?"
      • [Accept] - If you have 30 cents, you will lose 30 and get +1 XP Power. If not, you'll get a "Not enough cents" info message and the "Purchase cents for Robux" GUI will appear
      • [Decline]
        • "Okay, if you ever need another XP Power, you know where to find me, bro. See ya!"
          • "..."
  • Choice 2: "(End Dialog) Nothing."
    • "Alright, peace, bro."
      • "..."


  • Though you can buy more XP Powers, having multiple of the same one is virtually useless.
  • There are 3 other frog NPCs that act as guards of Frogville currently in the Beta version of the game.