Power Up Status

Powered up! All of your attacks will deal more damage until it wears off!


PowerUpPower Up is a status effect inflicted by various sources.

It increases the POWPower of the player's or enemy's skills, increasing the POWDamage dealt equal to its potency. The status lasts for a certain amount of turns until it dissipates by itself.

When a player or enemy who already has the PowerUpPower Up status is given another PowerUpPower Up status that has equal or more potency, only the durations of each is combined. When given another PowerUpPower Up status with lower potency, it will have no effect.


Inflicted Status Duration Chance
HotSauce Hot Sauce PowerUpPower Up-2 3 Turns 1/1
Player Skills
Fury Fury
PowerUpPower Up-3 2 Turns 1/1
Fury Fury
PowerUpPower Up-4 2 Turns 1/1
Enemy Skills
DruidCard Druid
(Nature Power)
PowerUpPower Up-2 2 Turns 1/1
BedrockCard Bedrock
PowerUpPower Up-3 2 Turns 1/1
DwellerCard Dweller
(Shadow Arm)
PowerUpPower Up-5 1 Turn 1/1


  • This buff does not affect Barrage's residual hits, but it will work for the second hit from Punch.
  • Ice armor for both Corruption 3 Snowmen, and the Ice Armor skill for players no longer gives PowerUpPower Up-1, and instead gives DefenseUpDefense Up-3 for 4 turns compared to the usual DefenseUpDefense Up-3 for 3 turns it used to give.
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