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Punch a single enemy, dealing 2 damage. Using Action Commands, you can time a second hit to deal twice as much damage.


Punch is a skill that every player starts off with and is the most basic attack.

The timing for the Action Command is about a second after the player's arm is raised. Succeeding the Action Command performs a 'Critical!' Hit doing a second punch for additional POW.pngDamage.


Being the first skill that the player starts with, it is good for the early areas of the game and has no SP.pngSP cost.

However, compared to other SP.png0 SP cost skills, it starts to be less viable.

Basic Archery has the same exact parameters, except with 1 extra non-critical POW.pngDamage and DEF.png1 Defense Piercing.

Slap deals less damage on a 'Critical!' hit, but has the ability to Stun.pngStun enemies.

Tough Vine Trap has the same overall POW.pngDamage, but can make enemies Stuck.pngStuck.

When enemies start to gain DEF.pngDefense, Punch loses a lot of viability and will start to do no POW.pngDamage at DEF.png2 Defense, even on a 'Critical!', unless the player has a PoweredUp.pngPower buff or increased overall POW.pngPower.

As the starting skill, it is overshadowed by better SP.png0 SP cost alternatives, and should be avoided once the player acquires those alternatives.


  • Both hits are affected by the player's POW.pngPower.
    • The means that the PoweredUp.pngPower buff from Hot Sauce and Fury are doubled, along with the POW.pngDamage increase from a MagicalStone.pngPower Stone aswell.
    • Combined with the PoweredUp.pngPower buff of Super Fury and a Power Stone, the maximum attack POW.pngDamage of Punch can reach 14, provided the enemy has no DEF.pngDefense.


  • Every player will start off with this move.
  • As of the Druid Grove update (v1.1.0), you can unequip this skill when another skill is equipped and after you have acquired more than 1 skill.
  • This is the first skill not acquired through Frogidi's Fortunes or Enemy Cards.
  • A variation of the Punch skill is used by Bandits, BurglarsWraiths and Dweller.
  • The above variations include skills Barrage, Savage Hit, Stone Arm, and Evil Impact. All these skills have a fist icon based off of this one.

Critical Timing

The critical timing for punch is: Early (added by ceppnelson)

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