Adventure Story Wiki

The Robux Shop is a menu in AS where you can purchase tokens, cents, drop boosts, animation packs, stat restores, and even change your stats. Changing your stats allows you to change the stat boosts you choose on level up, HP or SP. When purchasing tokens or cents, you will be able to click one of them and buy one of 4 currency bundles. If you try to buy an amount of cents that will exceed your wallet limit, the game will inform you and ask if you still wish to purchase it. The excess cents simply disappear. Because there is no limit to tokens, this is an easy way to gain 100 tokens in order to get ten skills at the Frogville fortune teller with 100 tokens. 

Restoring your two stats is extremely cheap, and very useful. For a while, there was a sale going on that allowed the restore product to be only 2R$. Stat changing costs a few hundred Robux and can be labeled as simply "Respecs". The 1.5x and 2. drop chances give you the option of a one hour boost or more. The time does not count while you are offline, and they are extremely helping when farming for a certain enemy drop. Animation packs, while not available yet, will most likely have animations used by other mobs or NPCs, such as wave, arm cross, thinking, etc. It may also sell revamps of Vetex's previous animation packs. As anyone who played "Arcane Adventures" would know, you were able to purchase packs such as "Boss", "Sorcerer", and the edited "Superhero/Muscular" pack. 

The Robux Shop is great and very helpful, but in the end, it is not needed for progress through the game and most of the purchasable products are pay-to-win shortcuts or simply cosmetic.