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Punch a single enemy with a ton of force, dealing heavy damage, piercing 1 defense, and stunning the enemy for 2 turns.


Savage Hit is one of 10 unique skills that can be learned from Frogidi's Fortunes.
Savage Hit has no alternative colors.

The timing for the Action Command is about a second after the player's arm is raised.
Succeeding the Action Command performs a 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount of POW.pngDamage dealt by 1 and inflicting Stun.pngStun.


Savage Hit deals a good amount of POW.pngDamage to one enemy in addition to inflicting Stun.pngStun for 2 turns and DEF.png1 Defense piercing.

Compared to the other SP.png2 SP cost Frogidi's Fortunes skills: Dull Rapier and BarrageSavage Hit is similar POW.pngDamage to Dull Rapier, but much less total POW.pngDamage than Barrage.

Savage Hit could be considered a "stronger" Slap in many ways, mainly with its longer Stun.pngStun duration and superior POW.pngDamage, but also has the DEF.pngDefense piercing. The only downside is that Savage Hit costs SP.png2 SP, while Slap costs SP.png0 SP.

The Stun.pngStun of the Savage Hit makes it best used against enemies with dangerous skills, such as the Wraith's Evil Impact and Tangler's Vine Trap.

Against Corruption.pngCorruption 1 enemies, the enemies will all have at least DEF.png1 Defense, making Savage Hit a viable skill for dealing POW.pngDamage and also the bonus to Stun.pngStun.

Against Corruption.pngCorruption 2 and 3 enemies, the enemies will all be immune to Stun.pngStun, making Savage Hit a less useful skill for the situation and is overshadowed by Dull Rapier in every way if the enemy is immune to Stun.pngStun.

Overall, Savage Hit works best as a way to stall an enemy or to prevent a dangerous skill from being used.


  • Savage Hit will not inflict Stun.pngStun if no POW.pngDamage was dealt or if the target has the StunGuard.pngStun Guard status.
  • Bosses and Corruption.pngCorruption 2+ enemies immune to the Stun.pngStun status.


  • Savage Hit can be used by Corruption.pngCorruption 2+ Bandits, Burglars, and Tanglers.
  • Non-critical Damage used to be 5 but got changed in a newer update.
  • There is another "Savage" melee move, Savage Steal, which is exclusive to The Bandit King.
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