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The crystallized greatsword is the upgraded version of rapier, instead of the bow, it will need 20 gold, which will add/sum up to 20 spectral sodas, it also needs 2 stat apples, then you can upgrade ⬆️ it.

Disintegration disk..??? Can be only gotten from each shutdown.

To get the Arcane Blast you must kill the ghost enemy. You earn 20 coins from each ghost enemy, 50% chance a wraith replaces ghost, you can also get a disintegration disk.

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The contamintation effect lasts 1 turn, the enemy does not get immunity. Since it is a invisible projectile,

Critical damage can be only achieved by having a contamination effect already on the enemy,

or else the 12 Damage cannot be achieved. The temporary health lasts for 5 turns.

To get contaminated cookie you must trade 1 spectral soda with rover.

The ghost spawns with 3 turns of spectral, the attacks will be listed later.