Adventure Story Wiki

To get the conjure attack you must get 3 Bedrock horns, 2 Vibrant Corruption Aura, and 2 card soda, 3 stat apples, 5 spectral sodas, 3 gear soda, 2 woodland card packs, you must trade it to rover.

The VPN is a upgraded version of ice armor, to get it, you need 10 gold.

It targets all allies, nomatter who you choose.

I forgot to list the SP usage, it’s 2.

The dual wield skill is not a attack, it is a attack buff.

If you use a bomb throw or anything that you throw, it will not be dual wield.

The crystallized greatsword is the upgraded version of rapier, instead of the bow, it will need 20 gold, which will add/sum up to 20 spectral sodas, it also needs 2 stat apples, then you can upgrade ⬆️ it.

Disintegration disk..??? Can be only gotten from each shutdown.

To get the Arcane Blast you must kill the ghost enemy. You earn 20 coins from each ghost enemy, 50% chance a wraith replaces ghost, you can also get a disintegration disk.

Whoever sees this please put this in blog posts.
The contamintation effect lasts 1 turn, the enemy does not get immunity. Since it is a invisible projectile,

Critical damage can be only achieved by having a contamination effect already on the enemy,

or else the 12 Damage cannot be achieved. The temporary health lasts for 5 turns.

To get contaminated cookie you must trade 1 spectral soda with rover.

The ghost spawns with 3 turns of spectral, the attacks will be listed later.