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A creature made out of snow that will sometimes appear in the place of another enemy. It only comes out during the holidays, or it can be summoned using a Snowman Power.


The Snowman is a special enemy in the game that was first introduced in the 2018 Christmas Event. Snowmen during the event could be encountered at a 20% chance for players that are over Level 5, replacing the regular enemies in the battle. It never replaces the leader enemy.


  • Snow Toss (SP.png0) - Deals POW.png1 Damage. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption.png1) Damage increased to POW.png3.
    • (Corruption.png2) Damage increased to POW.png5.
    • (Corruption.png3) Damage increased to POW.png7.
    • Becomes Purple Snow Toss at Corruption 3
  • Gift Grenade (SP.png1) - Deals POW.png1 Damage to the target and always deals POW.png1 Damage to all non-targets. Undodgeable.
    • (Corruption.png1) Damage increased to POW.png3 to target.
    • (Corruption.png2) Damage increased to POW.png5 to target.
    • (Corruption.png3) Damage increased to POW.png7 to target.
  • Summon Snowman (SP.png1) - Build a Snowman to fight alongside with.
    • Will always use Summon Snowman whenever there is an open spot.
    • Will never spawn a Corrupted Snowman and cannot be used by the newly summoned Snowman.
  • (Corruption.png2+) Teal Bomb Toss (SP.png1) - Deals POW.png9 Damage and inflicts Stun.pngStun for one turn to target, along with POW.png5 Damage to all non-targets. Undodgeable.
    • (Corruption.png3) Damage increased to POW.png11 to target and POW.png7 to non-targets.
    • Becomes Purple Bomb Toss at Corruption.pngCorruption 3.
  • (Corruption.png3) Purple Ice Armor (SP.png2) - Increases user's Defense by DefenseUp.png3 for four turns.
    • This results in a total of DEF.png6 Defense, which makes them quite hard to damage.


  • Snowmen can be used in higher-level fights to replace mobs.


  • Snowmen can no longer drop Snowman Power which increases their spawn rate and allows them to spawn outside the Winter Event.
  • Snowmen originally did POW.png3 Damage with Snow Toss, and POW.png5 Damage to the targeted opponent with Gift Grenade, along with POW.png1 damage to all non-targets (Similar to the Player's Bomb Toss).
  • Corrupt 3 Snowmen are currently the only mobs that can use Ice Armor.
  • There is a Halloween counterpart for the Snowman called a Wraith which had similar properties as the Snowman but with different attacks, stats, and appearance, plus being summoned only during Halloween 2018 or when using a Wraith Power.
  • Snowman Head is Snowman's Head from the Roblox Catalog but without any added texture. The item is no longer obtainable.
  • Snowmen are one of two enemies that have the Guard style, as evident by their Card. This style is shared with Fungeyes.
  • Snowman's Snow Toss shares the same damage with Seedshot from Lileye.
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