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Activates at the start of every battle, increasing the chance of a Snowman spawning in place of another enemy by X%.

Snowman Power


The Snowman Power is a power that was obtained from defeating Snowman during the Winter 2018 Event. The Snowman Power increases the chance of Snowmen spawning in place of other enemies.

Like all powers, the effect of it is boosted based on the player's level.

Tier Effect Unlock Level
1 Snowman Spawn Chance +10% 1-9
2 Snowman Spawn Chance +20% 10-25
3 Not Yet Unlockable! 26+


  • Can no longer be obtained after the Winter 2018 Event.
  • Multiple Snowmen can spawn in a battle, but will never take the place of the skull-symbol enemy.
  • The spawn chance will stack alongside other effects that increase Snowman spawn chance.
    • This was possible during the Winter 2018 Event, where the natural spawn rate of Snowmen was 20%, which was increased to 30% with a Tier 1 Snowman Power.
  • Like the Wraith Power, the Snowman Power does not work inside dungeons like Overgrown Grotto and will not spawn Snowmans inside one.