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An extremely rare and mysterious beverage created by the Dwellers of Overgrown Grotto. When consumed in battle, the user's body turns into shadow for 2 turns, causing all attacks to miss.


Spectral Soda is an item that grants the user the Spectral.pngSpectral status for two turns.


  • The only method of obtaining this drink is to Shoplift Dwellers, making this item extraordinarily rare.


  • The only item that grants the Spectral.pngSpectral buff.
    • Also currently the only item that naturally appears exclusively in enemy inventory.
  • If Bomb Toss is used while under the effects of Spectral.pngSpectral, it will use the Fungeye/Daiseye animation of Bomb Toss instead.
  • It is commonly referred to as 'Spec Soda'.
  • Spectral Soda was formerly known as 'Shadow Soda'.
  • Even if this is consumed, you can take damage from fire, poison, shock, broken bones, earthquake, and shockwave.
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