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Spray spores at all enemies, dealing some damage and disarming them for 2 turns. This attack is normally used by Fungeyes.


Spore Spray is a skill obtained by collecting upgraded Cards.png Fungeye Cards.
Tough Spore Spray is received from obtaining an Cards.pngElite Fungeye Card, and Stunning Spore Spray is received from obtaining a Cards.pngSuper Fungeye Card
Spore Spray has no alternative colors, as with all Cards.pngCard skills.

The timing for the Action Command is about one second after the yellow gas has started spewing out.
Succeeding the Action Command performs an 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount of POW.pngDamage dealt.


Spore Spray deals a small amount of POW.pngDamage to enemies and inflicts Disarmed.pngDisarm-2 for two turns.

Spore Spray is directly comparable to Poison Spray being very similar in function, only differing by the status inflicted. While Poison Spray is focused on slowly chipping away enemies, Spore Spray is focused on crippling the enemy, making enemy attacks less potent.

One of Spore Spray's biggest downsides is the inability to inflict Disarmed.pngDisarm when the skill deals no POW.pngDamage. Combined with Spore Spray's low POW.pngDamage, it's impossible to inflict Disarmed.pngDisarm against enemies with high DEF.pngDefense unless the user increases their PowerUp.pngPower and/or lower the enemy's Weakened.pngDefense.


  • Does not inflict Disarmed.pngDisarm if no POW.pngDamage was dealt.
  • Your initial damage will not go under 1
    • You can still take Disarmed.pngDisarm if you blocked it and took no damage. Example: If you have Defense Stone and you successfully blocked a Fungeye's Spore Spray, you will still take the Disarmed.pngDisarm but have no damage dealt to you.
  • Consecutive inflictions of the Disarmed.pngDisarm status adds onto the duration.


  • Spore Spray is currently the only skill that inflicts the Disarmed.pngDisarm status.
  • The other skill that also inflicts disarm is the Smoke Dart used by Archerman.
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