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A weird yellow apple that allows you to re-arrange your HP, SP, and Magical Stones when eaten!


The Stat Apple is a special item that can be used to re-arrange HP.pngHP, SP.pngSP, and Magical Stones or to be sold. It has no usage in battle.


The Stat Apple can be obtained by exchanging 40 Green Dungeon Tickets with Rover at the entrance of the Overgrown Grotto.


  • Like all other special items, it cannot be stolen by Shoplift and similar skills.
  • This was given to every player who played before the Gear Shop Update.


  • The Stat Apple bears a metallic shine in its icon, which may or may not imply that it is made of gold.
  • This is the only food not to give HP, SP, or any effect when eaten.
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