There are two main stats in the game, it being HPHP and SPSP. HPHP represents the amount of damage that can be taken before defeat. SPSP allows stronger skills to get used in battle and how frequently they can be used. POWPower affects how much damage you are able to dish out, and DEFDefense alters your damage mitigation and allows you to block weaker hits.

When starting the game, players start with HP6 HP and SP1 SP. Upon each level up, the player can choose to gain either HP+2 HP or SP+1 SP. Level ups occur when the player reaches the XP threshold. XP can be gained from defeating enemies, completing missions, or getting badges.

MagicalStoneMagical Stones are a stat-increasing item in the game that can be obtained by defeating certain bosses for the first time. When obtained, the player can choose to gain either POW+1 POW, or DEF+1 DEF, the overall defense stat.


  • Currently, the max level is 15.
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