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Disclaimer: The cent range this skill can steal may be inaccurate and will require more testing. The infoboxes will be kept separated instead of a tabber for convenience when editing.

Knock an enemy over and steal some of their cents. This attack is normally used by Bandits.


Steal is a skill obtained by obtaining upgraded Cards.pngBandit Cards.
Tough Steal is received from obtaining an Cards.pngElite Bandit Card, and Stunning Steal is received from obtaining a Cards.pngSuper Bandit Card.
As with all Cards.pngCard skills, Steal has no alternative colors.

The timing for the Action Command is about the moment after the player's arms are raised and has stopped moving.
Succeeding the Action Command performs an 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount of Cent.pngCents stolen (untested).


Steal has no combat uses, as its pure purpose is to steal Cent.pngCents.

Steal cannot steal Cent.pngCents from monster type enemies. Valid enemy types that can be stolen from are: Humanoid and Giant.


  • An enemy cannot have Cent.pngCents stolen from more than once in a battle by the same player (needs testing if different players can steal Cents from the same enemy).
  • Despite being unable to deal POW.pngDamage, Steal has a hidden POW.png1 Damage value that can be increased by the PoweredUp.pngPower Up status and MagicalStone.pngPower Stones.
    • As a result, as long as Steal can inflict "POW.png1 Damage" to a non-monster enemy, Cent.pngCents can be stolen from them.


  • The Bandit King, when non-corrupted and the player has at least POW.png3 Power, Steal will successfully steal Cent.pngCents from him.
  • This skill does no damage
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