Stuck Status

Stuck! You can't use jump, run, or use skills until it wears off!


StuckStuck is a status effect inflicted by skills that ensnare their target.

It prevents players from using skills, running, and jumping. On enemies it prevents them from attacking. Players and humanoid enemies can still use items while this status is active. The status lasts for a certain amount of turns until it dissipates by itself. Once the status has lapsed the target will receive the StunGuardStun Guard status for 3 turns, which gives StunStun and StuckStuck immunity until the StunGuardStun Guard lapses.

The target will only be inflicted with the StuckStuck status if they take POWDamage from the skill inflicting it. Players can prevent being StuckStuck with a well timed block.


Inflicted Status Duration Chance
Player Skills
VineTrap Vine Trap StuckStuck 1 Turn 1/1
Enemy Skills
TanglerCard Tangler
(Vine Trap)
StuckStuck 1 Turn 1/1
DwellerCard Dweller

(Ghost Grab)

StuckStuck 2 Turns 1/1


Immune Enemies

Enemies Immune to StuckStuck
All Corruption2+ Enemies
TheBanditKingCard The Bandit King BedrockCard Bedrock


  • StuckStuck is comparable to StunStun in terms of functionality. However, StunStun prevents players from blocking and using items, while StuckStuck does not. Therefore, it's recommended to use StunStun on humanoid enemies over StuckStuck.
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