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Build a Snowman that battles on your side. Only works if there is an open spot in battle!


Summon Snowman is a skill obtained by collecting upgraded Cards.png Snowman Cards. Tough Summon Snowman is received from obtaining an Cards.pngElite Snowman Card. Stunning Summon Snowman is received from obtaining a Cards.pngSuper Snowman Card.
Just like all Cards.pngCard skills, there are no alternative colors.

There is no Action Command to be performed.

A Tier 1 Snowman summoned from Tough Summon Snowman has:

  • HP.png12 HP
  • DEF.png0 Defense
  • Snow Toss - Deals POW.png0 Damage to one enemy.
  • Gift Grenade - Deals POW.png0 Damage to one enemy and POW.png1 Damage to each other enemy.

It should be noted that Snowman isn't viable in most situations and wasting a turn to summon one may prove fruitless as the enemy could either easily defeat or heavily damage the Snowman, or ignore it entirely and target you instead, overall making it very difficult to find a valuable purpose for the Snowman in battle.

A Tier 2 Snowman summoned from Stunning Summon Snowman has:

  • HP.png20 HP 
  • DEF.png0 Defense 
  • Snow Toss - Deals POW.png1 Damage to one enemy. 
  • Gift Grenade - Deals POW.png1 Damage to one enemy and POW.png1 Damage to each other enemy.


  • You can only summon if there is an open slot in your party. Otherwise, you will pass.
  • Snowman deals no POW.pngDamage unless it is a stunning snowman but even then, it would only do POW.png1 Damage. Luckily, it has lots of HP.pngHP, making it more ideal to take hits for other players. Using Hot Sauce or a buff by Call Abby won't do much, either.
  • Tough Summon Snowman doesn't get a POW.pngBase Power increase from Summoning Power, but it does get the boost of HP.png3 HP, improving its ability to tank hits.


  • This is an event exclusive skill which means you cannot obtain it anymore without a Snowman Power or a player using Snowman Power.
  • Summon Snowman has the highest HP with Summoning Power tied with Summon Tangler.
  • Stunning Summon Snowman has the highest HP as a Summon Ally.
  • Snowmen are able to be used to block off players from joining boss fights for a period of time.
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