Build a Snowman that battles on your side. Only works if there is an open spot in battle!


Summon Snowman is a skill obtained by collecting upgraded Cards.png Snowman Cards. Tough Summon Snowman is received from obtaining an Cards.pngElite Snowman Card. Stunning Summon Snowman is received from obtaining a Cards.pngSuper Snowman Card.
Just like all Cards.pngCard skills, there are no alternative colors.

There is no Action Command to be performed.

A Tier 1 Snowman summoned from Tough Summon Snowman has:

  • HP.png12 HP
  • DEF.png0 Defense
  • Snow Toss - Deals POW.png0 Damage to one enemy.
  • Gift Grenade - Deals POW.png0 Damage to one enemy and POW.png0 Damage to each other enemy.

A Tier 2 Snowman summoned from Stunning Summon Snowman has:

  • HP.png20 HP 
  • DEF.png0 Defense 
  • Snow Toss - Deals POW.png1 Damage to one enemy. 
  • Gift Grenade - Deals POW.png1 Damage to one enemy and POW.png1 Damage to each other enemy.


  • You can only summon if there is an open slot in your party. Otherwise, you will pass. Slots from dead players will be considered taken.
  • Snowman deals no damage unless it is a stunning snowman but even then it only would do 1 dmg, but it has a lot of HP.pngHP, making it more ideal to take hits for other players.
  • I suggest giving your snowman hot sauce (if you want it to deal widespread dmg) or Barbeque Sauce (to Tank a Decent amount of hits)
  • I also Suggest equipping Summoning power while using this even though it would only give it 3+ hp only i assume but it will help as a better meat shield!
  • Imagine you're in a battle against corrupted enemys so you summon 3 Tough or Stunning snowmen and have the summoning power equipped. each snowman would have 15-23 hp depending on if you summoned a tough or stunning snowmen and you can choose if you want to give them all bbq sauce
  • Or you can summon 1 abby and 2 snowmen so the abby can heal them all (including you) or boost 1 of their attacks (including you and abby herself)


  • This is an event exclusive skill which means you cannot obtain it anymore without a Snowman Power or a player using Snowman Power.
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