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Use life energy to create a Tangler that battles on your side. Only works if there is an open spot in battle!


The Summon Tangler is a skill obtained by collecting upgraded Cards.png Druid Cards. Tough Summon Tangler is received from obtaining an Cards.pngElite Druid Card. Stunning Summon Tangler is received from obtaining a Cards.pngSuper Druid Card.
Just like all Cards.pngCard skills, there are no alternative colors.

This skill has no Action Command.

A Tier 1 Tangler summoned from Tough Summon Tangler has:

  • HP.png7 HP
  • DEF.png2 Defense
  • Vine Trap - Deals POW.png1 Damage to one enemy; inflicts Stuck.pngStuck for one turn.
  • Wood Thorns - Deals POW.png2 Damage to each enemy. Pierces DEF.png1 Defense.

A Tier 2 Tangler summoned from Stunning Summon Tangler has:

  • HP.png12 HP 
  • DEF.png2 Defense 
  • Vine Trap - Deals POW.png3 Damage to one enemy; inflicts Stuck.pngStuck for one turn. 
  • Wood Thorns - Deals POW.png4 Damage to each enemy. Pierces DEF.png1 Defense.


Each variation of the skill is able to Summon an ally version of the Tangler enemy, albeit with reduced stats for Tough Summon Tangler.

It is an unusually high costing skill, having a base cost of SP.png3 SP at its Tough variation, and a very high cost of SP.png4 SP at Stunning, meaning the player will often have to save a lot of SP in order to use the skill, where using other attack skills could be more cost effective in the long run.

Notably, however, both variations have DEF.png2 Defense, allowing them to tank some hits that other players could not without the help of BBQ Sauce or Ice Armor.


  • Can only summon if there is an open slot in your party. Otherwise, you will pass.
  • Summoned Tanglers cannot be Corruption.pngCorrupted.
  • Due to a visual bug, Tough Summon Tangler summons a Tangler with incorrect HP.pngHP display. (7, supposed to be 8) (This Visual Bug Was Now Fixed On 3/12/2022).


Do not Summon a Tangler while fighting Corruption.pngCorruption 2+ Druids or this will result a battle crash regardless of any other enemies in the battle.


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