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This burly villain has been spotted around the world as far back as 10 years ago. He's a master of stealth and theft, despite his giant stature. He's always got his sights set on the bigger picture, and he's constantly striking deals with shady crowds.


The Bandit King is the first mini-boss the player will encounter. He is located in the Hidden Woods where his secret lair resides.

The Bandit King is a giant humanoid who is the leader of the Bandits and Burglars, signified by his similar aesthetics complete with a crown.

Under normal circumstances, he is accompanied by Hidden Woods enemies (Bandits and Burglars) with the quantity depending on the leader's level.

Defeating The Bandit King is required to complete the Main Mission The Bandit King Showdown.


  • Giant Crowbar (SP.png3) - Deals POW.png5 damage to all targets. Has a 50% to inflict BrokenBones.pngBroken Bones to players. Dodgeable, but can be "Faked!".
    Dodging frame for this is as soon as the swinging animation starts.
    • The Bandit King has a different animation to tell if he will perform a "Faked!" hit, with the crowbar angled horizontally rather than diagonally.
    • (Corruption.png1) - POW.pngDamage increased to 7.
    • (Corruption.png2) - POW.pngDamage increased to 9.
    • (Corruption.png3) - POW.pngDamage increased to 11.
    • Becomes black giant crowbar at Corruption.pngCorruption 3
  • Item Stomp (SP.png1) - Deals POW.png2 Damage to all targets. Has a chance to remove a random item from each hit player. Dodgeable.
    Before stomping, he will make a grunt-like noise, indicating he has charged the attack.
    • Item removal can also be prevented by having enough DEF.pngDefense to prevent being POW.pngDamaged.
    • (Corruption.png1) - POW.pngDamage increased to 4.
    • (Corruption.png2) - POW.pngDamage increased to 6.
    • (Corruption.png3) - POW.pngDamage increased to 8.
    • Corruption.pngCorruption 2+ Bandit King's Item Stomp causes the players to fall down off their feet, Similar to Bedrock's Fury.
  • Savage Steal (SP.png2) - Deals POW.png7 Damage to a single target. Steals Cent.png25-30 Cents and has a 75% to inflict BrokenBones.pngBroken Bones against a player. Undodgeable.
    • Blocking will reduce the number of Cent.png Cents stolen.
    • (Corruption.png1) - POW.pngDamage increased to 9.
    • (Corruption.png2) - POW.pngDamage increased to 11.
    • (Corruption.png3) - POW.pngDamage increased to 13.


As a Giant enemy, The Bandit King is capable of using items.


Note: Unless stated, these strategies assume that none of the enemies are Corruption.pngCorrupted.

  • Bandit King can go down easily with a stone arm and barrage combination, the stone arm decreases his DEF.pngDefense by 1, and the barrage can finish. Note that this will only work with non-corrupted Bandit Kings, and can also be countered if a Bandit King decides to drink some BBQ Sauce.
  • Stealing items (especially Cheeseburger) from the Bandit King will make it easier to defeat him, especially in his Corruption.pngCorrupted states.


  • The Corrupted Bandit King Cloak is highly valued by many players which can only be dropped by Corruption.pngCorruption 2+ Bandit Kings, by a small chance,
  • It is typical to see them occupying The Bandit King's room in nearly every server, as players tend to hunt for his Cards for Giant Crowbar, or hunt for higher Corruption levels. This may prove beneficial to newer players looking to defeat The Bandit King for the Main Mission, by being aided by them.
  • You can determine when the Giant Crowbar is faked or not by looking at the stance of the Bandit King's arms or the position of the crowbar while he's using it. Although this has been made a lot harder since past updates, as the animation has been sped up.


The Bandit King has 2 total dialogues. Both can be triggered when the player approaches The Bandit King.

Like other dialogues conversations. Hold down left click while The Bandit King is talking to speed up the talking. Essentially skipping the whole dialogue without having to wait.

First time approach

Well look who it is..... We've been expecting you, adventurer. Trying to ruin our plans? HAHAHAHA! You're far out of your league, small fry. Blocking Frogville Road is just a small part of the boss's grand plan. You think you can stop us by yourself? I'll destroy you!

Consecutive approach after defeating The Bandit King

So, you decided to come back.... You think by defeating me, you stopped the boss's plan? HAHAHAHA! We took many precautions, my friend. By defeating me, all you've done is make yourself a priorty target for what the boss has planned next! But don't worry, his plan won't stop me from trying to stomp you!


  • The Bandit King is the first mini-boss the player encounters as part of the Main Missions.
  • The Bandit King is the first enemy as a Giant type with the second being Bedrock.
  • The Bandit King, along with Golem and Bedrock are the only enemies to have Immunities.
  • The Bandit King is the only enemy that holds a dialogue conversation towards the player not counting Bandit (NPC) or Burglar (NPC).
    • The only other enemy that somewhat qualifies would be Bedrock, who only speaks when triggering its Boss Cheat.
  • A Corruption.pngCorrupted 2+ Bandit King is rare, like Bedrock.
  • A Corruption.pngCorruption 2 Bandit King also has the same HP.pngHP as a Corruption.pngCorruption 1 Bedrock.
  • The Bandit King does not have a flinch animation from POW.pngdamage over time statuses.
    • This is likely due to his size, making him prone to fall over otherwise.
  • The attack animation of the Giant Crowbar has been sped up in a unknown version.
  • Bandit King has a unique "ROAAAR" sound when he does Item Stomp, almost similiar to Bedrock's "ROAR" and crushing sound when he does Fury.
  • The Bandit King has a special animation for Giant Crowbar, depending on if it is a fake or not. If the swing will be fake, the crowbar will be raised. If it is not, it is lowered (see The Bandit King/Gallery for a reference to both animations).
  • Item Stomp is able to be blocked normally, However is not recommended due to the fact you still lose an item. It's best to simply just time your jump or use Ice Armor.
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