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An image showing a Bandit accidently spoiling information regarding their boss, who is on an important mission.

The Boss is an unrevealed character in Adventure Story. This character is mentioned by certain Bandits, Burglars, even The Bandit King before fighting him.

During The Bandit King's dialogue, he will mention the boss lightly and how he had prepared for the player's arrival and it's trivial to attempt to face him. The NPC Bandit also mention that the boss is out on a mission with several of the Burglars and Bandits.

In the current version of the game, there is no definitive identity of the boss, though it is implied that the player will encounter him and possibly fight him.


  • It is possible that the boss is also responsible for the Druids' mind control as they are both currently anonymous.
    • On the contrary, it is unlikely that the Sandlord is the boss nor the one mind controlling judging by the name.
  • Another possibility is that the boss is Maelstrom, who is supposedly responsible for the Corruption.pngCorrupted enemies and can be assumed to being The Bandit King's superior.


  • Despite The Bandit King's name, the boss appears to be of higher status among their organization, as The Bandit King describes how it is trivial to defeat him.