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Tokens are used to unlock new skills at fortune tellers. Each fortune costs 10 tokens, and they can be earned by leveling up or bought with Robux.



Token.pngTokens are one of the two main currencies and is gained from levelling up, earning badges, or by buying them in the ROBUX shop.

Unlike Cent.pngCents, there is no restriction on how many Token.pngTokens a player can hold. These are used to get new skills from fortune tellers such as Frogidi's Fortunes, costing Token.png10 tokens for each skill. In addition, you can buy 10 skills by paying 100 Token.pngTokens.

Robux Conversions

The conversion rates of when buying Token.pngTokens with Robux Icon.webp Robux is listed below:

5 Robux Icon.webp - Token.png1 Token

25 Robux Icon.webp - Token.png5 Tokens

50 Robux Icon.webp - Token.png10 Tokens

125 Robux Icon.webp - Token.png25 Tokens

250 Robux Icon.webp - Token.png50 Tokens

500 Robux Icon.webp - Token.png100 Tokens