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Unlock your Potential! is a Side Mission that the Player automatically gets after leveling up for the first time. 

Unlock your Potential.png


If they choose to do so, The Player must head to Frogville, head inside Frogidi's Fortunes and talk to Frogidi. While doing so, the Player has to choose to spend 10 tokens to unlock their first skill.


  • For new players, it is recommended to get this side mission completed as soon as they leveled up. Skills such as Basic Archery and Slap are very good to use throughout the game, as both said skills cost SP.png 0 SP but has more usefulness than Punch. (Basic Archery deals an additional 1 non-critical damage and pierces 1 defense while Slap can stun the enemy if crit)
  • Skills such as Barrage , Ice Armor and Dull Rapier costs SP.png2 SP but is also very useful and can be used throughout the whole game as well. So it is also recommended to at least level up your SP.pngSP stats 1 time or more.