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Skill Suggestions

These are unique skills that will broaden the style of play in Adventure Story.

  • Thani SP.png1 - A holy smite that deals POW.png-1 and deals additional POW.png for every point of DEF.png the target has, piercing up to DEF.png6.
  • Boomerang SP.png2 - Throw a boomerang that deals POW.png4 and pierces DEF.png1. It hits all foes in acting order and deals 1 less POW.png for each new target hit.
  • En Garde SP.png2 - Prepare yourself against the incoming attack. Every attack targetting you will be countered with a POW.png4 strike that pierces DEF.png1.
  • Noisemaker SP.png1 - Wave around and make loud noises, inflicting the Target status on yourself which causes foes to primarily target you when attacking.
  • Taunt SP.png1 - Mock all foes with harsh, cutting words, Taunting them which forces them to only use damage/debuff abilities. Some enemies cannot be Taunted.

Dance, dance, baby!

Equipping the new Spedazzler Power will allow you to perform special abilities when you pass your turn while using a Roblox emote:

  • dance1 - Rope up your rhythm, making the whole team's jumps and blocks last longer.
  • dance2 - Establish dominance, giving the whole team StunGuard.png2.
  • dance3 - Shake it off, making the whole team immune to damage-over-time statuses.
  • wave - The first enemy to attack will automatically target you.
  • point - The first enemy to act will only use a damaging ability.
  • laugh - Performing a block with this emote blocks an additional point of POW.png and returns POW.png1 to the enemy through all DEF.png.
  • cheer - Restore SP.png1 to the ally with the lowest SP.png.

You will restore no SP.png when you emote pass.