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The Predator is a Bruiser-style, Demon class enemy which specializes in picking off your team one by one. It has unique moves that are like none seen before. But don't let that put you off fighting them. They can be countered with skill and patience. It appears around Halloween and would be used in one of the Halloween events.


These first moves will not contain the moves the Predator will gain from Corruptions.

  • Slap- the Predator will glide towards you, before performing the Slap move. Along with stunning you for 1 turn, it will drop your damage by 1 point aswell.
  • Mark- the Predator will stare at you with intensity, before sending out a sonar shockwave that deals 3 damage. For the next 3 turns, the Predator (and its cohorts) will deal 3 more damage to you. This amount of damage will go up by 1 per each stage of Corruption (this is the move you would obtain by obtaining 5 Predator cards).
  • Sonic Shriek- the Predator sends out a sonar quake that will deal 5 damage, reduces both your Defence and Attack points by 2, and takes away 2 SP (there isn't negative SP).
  • Barrage- the Predator glides towards you before sending a flurry of demonic fists at you, the first dealing 8 damage, and the rest dealing 1.


The Predator is a floating, humanoid-like enemy, with black smoke around it, similiar to the effect Drain has when it hits the target. It has two red, neon eyes which are positioned on the side of the head, each with a ebony slit for a pupil. It has two ram horns at the front, and two rows of spikes running along its back. It has a black aura, which is a recolour of the Wraith's aura. Its body is the Robloxian 2.0 package (except the legs), like the aforementioned Wraiths is aswell. The legs are tipped with sharp, hooked talons, similiar to those of a Velociraptor. Its aura will be replaced when Corrupted, making the Predator Aura only obtainable from a normal Predator. Its body will change to purple, and the eyes will remain red. It has the respective Corrupted versions of its items (except the aura).


The Predator has 5 Gear drops, each which fit with a lot of other Gears. They all have descriptions (like any other Gears).

  • Predator Aura (hat)- a dark, shadowy aura dropped by a Predator. This can only be obtained from the Halloween ____ event or the Predator Power.
  • Predator Horns (hat)- a pair of ebony ram horns dropped by a Predator. This can only be obtained from the Halloween ____ event or the Predator Power.
  • Back Spikes(shirt)- a replication of the Predator's   two rows of sharp spikes that run along the back along with a black tanktop. This can only be obtained from the Halloween ____ event or the Predator Power.
  • Talonned Feet- a replication of the Predator's leg. Four sharp, hooked talons paired with a black jeans.This can only be obtained from the Halloween ____ event or the Predator Power.
  • Predator Power- a power that allows you to summon Predators in battles, no matter what time of year it is! This can only be obtained from the Halloween ____ event.


The Predator's base health is 17, making it quite tanky health-wise. It has 0 Defence points, but has a unique move. Every time it finishes its turn, it will heal 1 HP, which is not bad. However, (for each stage of Corruption is has) it will heal that much(Corruption 1 would still heal 1 HP, Corruption 2 would heal 2 HP and Corruption 3 would heal 3 HP).


  • It is the first enemy to have the Mark effect in its moves.
  • It would be more powerful than the Wraith, due to such an overpowered move coming out of a moderately weak enemy.
  • It is the first enemy to have red eyes without being Corruption 3.
  • It was made by Egg_head1971.
  • It may act as a unique boss in a Halloween event.