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Skill suggestion; finally after 5 months!

Winter staff can be only gained from:

Overgrown grotto secret (not real yet since this is only a skill suggestion). When you find the secret, a wizard called Con will ask the following text:

Are you sure you would like to learn the elements of the winter?

User: Reply with yes or no.

The following task will be given to the user: Collect winter essence x3, collect winter shard x1.

When collected: return to con by finding the secret again, the following text would appear: Good! Your a great wizard; Then you would unlock wizard staff (Unmastered) Mastered wizard staff would pierce 3 defense. And 1 extra damage for critical.

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commit skill suggestion

To get the all out attack, you must perform actual teamwork, like. Defeating the c3 BK by communication without magical stone glitchers, you can only get this skill using 5 or less heal in a singular match.

Pasta can be got from rover by trading 5 green dungeon tokens.

The reinforced effect gives the user/ally 4 defense, or doubles the defense they already have.

To get the cactus fruit, you need 10 green dungeon tokens, then trade it with rover.

The sword dance does damage to the enemies, but when you want to summon the swordmaster a enemy must die and there will be a 10% chance. Every time you summon the swordmaster in the same batter, the hp will decrease by 3. Each time.

You may be thinking, it says the ally’s non critical damage is 8, no, I…

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