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Weakness Status


Weakened.pngWeakness (also known as DEF down), is a status effect inflicted by skills that crush armor or pierce them.

It lowers the target's DEF.pngdefense by a certain amount for a certain number of turns. This in turn makes the target more susceptible to POW.pngDamage. The severity of Weakened.pngWeakness can be countered with DefenseUp.pngArmor, which can sum up in overall DefenseUp.pngDEF up or Weakened.pngDEF down depending on the power of the two statuses.

The target will only be inflicted with the Weakened.pngWeakness status if they take POW.pngDamage from the skill inflicting it.



Inflicted Status Duration Chance


StoneArm.png Stone Arm Weakened.pngWeakness-1 3 Turns 1/1


GolemCard.png Golem
(Stone Arm)
Weakened.pngWeakness-1 3 Turns 1/1
BedrockCard.png Bedrock
(Rock Storm)
Weakened.pngWeakness-1 3 Turns 1/1
DwellerCard.png Dweller
(Shadow Arm)
Weakened.pngSelf Weakness-1 1 Turn 1/1


  • This can be used in many ways with enemies with 2 Defense, as it now allows them to be hit by Barrage's residual hits.
  • An entity can technically have negative Defense if the power of Weakened.pngWeakness surpasses the target's total DEF.pngdefense. This can cause the entity to recieve more damage from weak attacks such as Earthquake and Barrage's residual hits.