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Gives 4 Basic Enemy Cards and 1 Elite Enemy Card upon being opened, featuring enemies from

The Woodlands!


Woodlands Card Pack is an item purchasable from Rover for 50 Dungeon Tickets. Getting an Elite Card from a pack that you don't already have an elite card of will not give you the ability, and you'll have to make an Elite card to get it.


  • The selling price is the same as the dungeon ticket cost.
  • You can NOT obtain Wraith cards or Snowman cards. However, it is possible to obtain Fungeye or even Dweller cards.
HP Items Chicken Wing - Cheeseburger - Pizza
SP Items Juice - Milk
Mixed Restore Items Chocolate Bar - Hoagie
Status Items Hot Sauce - BBQ Sauce - Spectral Soda - Multitool - Elixir
Non-Combat Items Gear Soda - Card Juice - Stat Apple - Woodlands Card Pack