A powerful demon that will sometimes appear in the place of another enemy. It only comes out during Halloween, or it can be summoned using a Wraith Power. These dangerous foes are capable of dealing large amounts of damage to a single target.


Wraiths are enemies that were introduced during the 2018 Halloween Event and could only be encountered during the event or entering fights with someone else or yourself with the Wraith Power equipped.


  • Punch (SP0)- Deals POW4 Damage to one enemy. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption1) - Damage increased to POW6.
    • (Corruption2) - Damage increased to POW8.
    • (Corruption3) - Damage increased to POW10.
  • Evil Impact (SP2)- Deals POW8 Damage to one enemy. Undodgeable.
    • (Corruption1) - Damage increased to POW10.
    • (Corruption2) - Damage increased to POW12.
    • (Corruption3) - Damage increased to POW14.
    • Becomes Purple Evil Impact at CorruptionCorruption 3.
  • (Corruption2+) Fire Claw (SP1)- Deals POW8 Damage to all enemies; inflicts BurnBurn-1 for 2 turns and has DEF1 Defense Piercing. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption3) - Damage increased to POW10.
    • Becomes Purple Fire Claw at CorruptionCorruption 3.
  • (Corruption3) Purple Fiery Explosion (SP3) - Deals POW13 Damage to all enemies; inflicts BurnBurn-1 for 3 turns and has DEF1 Defense Piercing. Undodgeable.


  • There isn't a direct strategy for dealing with Wraiths except for taking them out first and then dealing with the rest of the enemies. Wraiths can use Evil Impact when they have reached 2 SP and will inflict Broken Bones 1. So unless you are willing to waste a Healing Item or Healing Spray, take the Wraiths out first then deal with the remaining normal enemies.


  • Wraiths are simple to deal with. The problem arises when they become C2 or C3.
  • Wraith Horn are the Mischief Horns but without texture, the item is obtainable in Roblox Catalog starting at 330 Robux. (Click here to link to Catalog)
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