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Activates every time you gain XP, increasing the amount gained by 10%.
XP Power.png


The XP Power is a power gained by completing a side mission called "Burglar Bashing" by Pondre, an NPC outside of Hidden Woods and Frogville. Once you complete his mission, you will be rewarded with a few Cents and XP, as well as the XP Power. Equipping the XP Power will give you a boost in any XP you gain.

Like all powers, the effect of it is boosted based on the player's level.

Tier Effect Unlock Level
1 10% 1-9
2 20% 15-30
3 (Not yet unlock-able) 30+


  • You are able to purchase more XP Powers from Pondre after completing his mission by starting his dialog and asking "XP Power?" for 30 cents.
  • Burglar Bashing can prove to be difficult for unprepared players that wander into the Hidden Woods at a low level.
  • XP Power is the first optional power in the game.